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Wcs green reversed 1We are very proud to have been accredited as a World Class School in 2014 (re-accredited 2018).

It is universally acknowledged that we are preparing young people for a world which is significantly different to that of twenty years ago. Young people need to perform in a diverse global economy which is typified by technological innovation, is highly competitive and where entrepreneurism is celebrated.

World Class schools equip students with knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in a challenging international environment where those who succeed take risks and continually pursue improvement. World Class students are educated to be active and effective citizens who have qualifications which give them choices, and the competences to choose well. They have developed a level of emotional and intellectual literacy which enables them to navigate a potentially bewildering plethora of opportunities and achieve success and contentment for themselves.

It is the calibre of the student which proves the calibre of the school. If the school is truly World Class then the students will be able to own and demonstrate World Class qualities. A World Class student is highly literate scientifically, mathematically, technologically and culturally consistently out-performs students from similar contexts, and is committed to continually improving their performance is an excellent learner, dedicated to life- long learning is a compelling candidate in their field for higher education and/or employment, being globally aware, confident and prepared for life in an international environment.

World Class Schools Assessment Centre 2022

  • Six of our Year 10 World Class Schools Ambassadors went to Houlton School in Rugby to take part in this year’s Assessment Centre.
  • In total, there were 175 students from 30 different primary and secondary schools taking part in the event.
  • On the day, our students had to work with pupils from another school on a joint project. There were given a brief from the ‘client’ i.e. Houlton School, which meant that this was a real-world challenge.
  • Our students were part of Team 10 - They worked together to create tree hangings and a sculpture to reflect the achievements of Neil Armstrong, after whom one of the school’s houses is named.
  • Each member of the team had a specific role to play, including Communications Officer, Research Analyst, Designer and Publications Director. The details of the project were released two weeks before the day at the Assessment Centre, so the students had a considerable amount of work to do before they even got there!
  • Overall, this was a fantastic opportunity for the students to evidence their world-class characteristics under the headings of Leaders, Learners, Community and Workplace.
  • Our students really enjoyed making new friends and working with Year 10 pupils from another school towards a common goal. They were excellent ambassadors for Wymondham College and they demonstrated our Core Values of Pride, Passion and Positivity throughout the whole project

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