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The Old Wymondhamians

The Old Wymondhamians is the official link between past pupils and staff at the College.

It has a responsibility for the heritage of the college site and its website ().

Just scroll down! Is a great source of stories, photographs and data, not only about the College, but its previous life as a USAAF hospital in the Second World War.

We aim to communicate with past pupils and staff, reunions, organised events and news from the College.

We are currently trying to update our database, so please spend a few moments adding your details to the new database, (even if you have done so in the past) as it's a new system which will be easier and more cost effective for the college to run and will enable us to help you keep up to date more easily and if you are on Facebook, please also follow the College site.

Lastly, please consider joining the ever increasing group of past pupils giving a small amount each month (£5 to £10) which collectively can make a real difference at the College.

The OWs’ last year through their 100 Club helped the college and its pupils with its annual Travel Award, specialist sports coaching, Tennis court refurbishment to name but a few, with a monthly draw taking place giving some of the monies back as cash prizes. For the price of a couple of coffees a month you are supporting the College and you may win some of it back, what have you to loose!

We look forward to hearing from you and at least letting you know of some of the terrific things that are happening at the College.

Best wishes,

John Mewse (77-82) - Chair Old Wymondhamians


Database Update

Please click the link below to update your information for the Old Wymondhamian's database.

Old Wymondamians

Old Wymondamians
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