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Richard Smith (3)Known as the Great Emancipator, the Sixth Form house is named after the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, whose family tree can be traced back to Hingham. The connection with the United States was firmly established when the boarding house was officially opened by Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, in 1958.

In 2010, the Ralphs boarding house was officially opened. It is named after Lady Enid Ralphs whose husband was instrumental in the setting up of the school.

Wymondham College has been an important part of my life. I attended the College as a student and have worked here since 2002.

I graduated from the University of Warwick with a History degree and have taught in seven different schools in four different countries including Egypt and Kuwait where my first daughter was born. We fled the country in 2000 fearing invasion from Iraq. Returning to England, I taught at the Open Academy before joining the College in 2002.  I was Head of Cavell for over a decade before joining Lincoln in 2015.

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Mr Richard Smith, Head of House

House Staff List


Sixth Form Staff 



Deputy Director of Sixth Form 

Mr David Thresh 

Deputy Director of Sixth Form (Achievement) 

Acting Assistant Principal 

Mrs Sarah Buckton 

Careers Leader 

Welfare Officer 

Attendance Officer 

Mrs Margarita Harris 

Mrs Elaine Giddings 


Boarding House Staff 

Head of House 

Mr Richard Smith 

Deputy Head of House 

Mr Paul Willett 

Boarding House Managers 

Mrs Tracey Summers 

Mrs Angela Vincini 

Deputy Boarding House Managers 

Mrs Victoria Cook 

Mr Matthew Cameron / Miss Hannah Smith 


Mr David Ball 

Miss Kim Constable 

Mr Tom Cook 

Mr Ben Dewhurst 

Mr Dylan Gregory 

Mr Andy Housego 

Miss Catherine Lovatt 

Mr Rob Machin 

Mr Bradley Minchin 

Mrs Julia Rendell 

Mr Tom Smith 

Mrs Kim Williams 

Mr Paul Willett 

Miss Maria Worship 

Miss Jo Wright 

Lincoln Fellow(s) 




Mrs Jo Welsby 

Student Supervisor(s) 


Mr James Anderson 


Non-Resident Boarding Tutors 

Mr James Anderson 

Mrs Sol Bonta-White 

Mrs Sarah Buckton 

Mr Tom Cook 

Miss Kim Constable 

Miss Kirsty Doyle 

Mr Andy Housego 

Rev Ian Jones 

Mr David Thresh 

Mrs Angela Vincini 

Mrs Ruth Woodhead 

Ms Tracey Holder 

House Contact Details

House Phone Number       01953 609028

House Email            


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